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In past centuries the Baix Vinalopó had a great tradition of olive growing, where there were many oil presses spread through the region. They harvested the liquid gold of the Mediterranean which is so important in our diet.

The oil press "El Tendre" is a centenary company whose origins go back to 1839, when Don Joaquin Sempere Garcia grinded the olive oil mill located in the alley Puertas Tahullas (now Barrio del Raval). Later in 1873, the mill was moved to "Huerto del Tendre", where it is currently located and from which takes its name brand.


For 6 generations the Sempere family has kept the family structure of the Almazara "The Tendre", transmitting to their descendants the purest traditional art oilseed processing. Thus, in this mill, despite the modernization of production methods that are required by the continuous evolution of the industry, still remains true to the spirit of the traditional production that have kept alive from 1839.

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